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Arthur is 26 years old and from France. He is a Front-end Developer at Synthesis Pod X.

The last song I listened to

Heavenly by Cigarettes After Sex. I’m currently working and I enjoy songs with a chill vibe to focus.

The last series I watched

Peaky Blinders – it’s a classic!

A book I’d really recommend is

Practical Vim. Might sound nerdy, but I really enjoy the art of mastering Vim (an advanced text editor which was first imagined 50 years ago!). I'm not sure whether it’s relevant, but I was offered this book for Sant Jordi Day, a Catalan tradition during which the men offer roses to their loved ones while women offer a book.

My favourite place to read is

…anywhere quiet enough to focus and enjoy the book!

The podcast I’m listening to

Le Précepeteur, where French philosopher Charles Robin talks about various subjects related to philosophy.

My favourite quote is 
“Le monde appartient à ceux qui se lèvent tôt”

The world belongs to those who get up early.

The last thing I bought and loved

A plane ticket back home for a few weeks 🛫 Will be great to spend time with family and friends.

The place that means a lot to me

New Caledonia. I lived there for 4 years during my childhood and I have never returned to this magical place. I would definitely love to get back there. Singapore Airlines recently opened a direct route to Nouméa… There is hope!

The best gift I’ve received recently

I received a Yamaha Synthesiser 2 years ago. I used to enjoy playing on it, but it was too big to fly with me to Singapore… so it’s wisely waiting in France.

The best gift I gave recently

My girlfriend is keen on handbags. So for her 30th birthday, I gifted her a handbag. She was very happy and so was I. Easy-peasy!

In my fridge you’ll always find

Might not be very original as a French, but I will say cheese.

I have a collection of

Peppers. I like pepper. And South-East Asia is well known for its variety of peppers. I went to Kampot and Sarawak to fetch red, white, and black peppers! And Amazon helps me get the ones from Madagascar and Phu Quoc 🫠

The things that I couldn’t do without

My motorbike!

The best bit of advice I ever received

Be curious and eager for knowledge.

As a child my dream was to be

A plane pilot.

What do you find meaningful about the work you do

Coding might seem like a repetitive job, but it actually provides a bunch of intellectual challenges on a daily basis!

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