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Nicole is a Creative Strategist at Synthesis. She comes from a background in art direction and experience design in the culture, food and beverage industries. In her work, she enjoys breathing life into data by using design and storytelling.

The last song I listened to

Fred Again’s Actual Life. He is known for sampling people’s dialogue or spoken word into his music, and that brings across a strong emotional message. He then blends these samples into these incredible musical arrangements.

The last series I watched

Succession. It had such a good ending! I think it is challenging to end a series but the writers did a great job. But on the other end of the spectrum, my guilty pleasure is also dating game shows like Love Island or Too Hot To Handle 😎

A book I’d really recommend is

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin. It’s been a while since I found myself so hooked on a book!

The podcast I’m listening to

How to Be a Better Human by TED. I really enjoy how professionals from all walks of life bring their own take on how to self-improve. The guests come from a variety of different backgrounds, but the advice is usually translatable to most peoples’ personal and professional life.

The last thing I bought and loved

My Sony WH-1000XM5 wireless headphones. I think living in a big, busy city like Singapore can be quite stifling. It is nice to be able to tune out from the noise! It is also very light, so it’s very comfortable for long wear.

When I need to feel inspired

I would do anything other than what I am actually supposed to do like cooking a meal or taking a walk in nature. I think being relaxed usually helps the brain juices flow better.

The best gift I’ve received recently

Jace, my dear Creative teammate, got me a Moleskine notebook while on his trip to Japan.

The best bit of advice I ever received

In 2016, I found myself on a team responsible for planning and designing an event with just a couple of weeks remaining until its execution. The pressure was intense, and we were all striving to meet exceptionally high standards. However, this drive for perfection led to a noticeable amount of stress among the team members. Amidst the chaos, the Chief Marketing Officer made a candid remark that left a lasting impact on me: "No one will die if our job doesn't get done." Surprisingly, this statement acted as an antidote, instantly putting my mind at ease. Since then, it has remained a valuable reminder for me to reframe our mindset and prioritise effectively, especially when faced with overly ambitious scopes.

A memory I’d like to relive is

My trip to Peru, specifically the trek up to Machu Picchu. It was beautiful and seeing the mountain range in the moonlight was quite a sight… but I injured my toe on the way up so unfortunately it was not a comfortable hike. Public service announcement: please always get good shoes for a hiking trip. You will not regret it!

I am most looking forward to

Working remotely towards the end of 2023. One of the great perks of working at Synthesis is the work-from-anywhere scheme that lasts 30 days a year (yay!).

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