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Luc heads up the Audiences team together with Harriet. He is a Data Scientist, focusing on the technical aspects of our methodologies - but he also loves working on the strategy!

The last song I listened to

I’ve been listening to the Succession Season 4 soundtrack on repeat while I’m coding. If you play it at 1.25x speed, it adds a touch of drama and keeps you focussed on the task at hand.

The last series I watched

'How to with John Wilson' on HBO. The third and final season was just released. Every episode is a sort of weird and funny video collage of bizarre moments and interesting people in NYC, cut together in a way that somehow makes sense.

The podcast I’m listening to

Ervaring voor Beginners (Experience for Beginners) is a fantastic (Dutch) podcast that interviews an artistic maker (comedians, writers, directors, philosophers) about what drives them to create. Guests share about their creative processes and give their advice to people looking to do the same.

I love that everyone’s story is different - but you get to some really clear themes after listening to the whole series. It is a constant reminder that an idea will never be more than some loose thoughts until you start creating.

The last thing I bought and loved

I bought a hydroflask and I keep finding new favourite liquids to keep at a constant temperature to carry with me around the house.

The thing I cannot go on holiday without

A passport. I love travelling light so I try to bring as few things as possible! 

The best gift I’ve received recently

I got gifted the Ferrari of Pepper Mills. Cracking some fresh pepper is now one of my everyday joys.

In my fridge you’ll always find

Gochujang, lemons, celery, carrot, pickled onion and cheese. I’ve been trying to understand what that says about me but I honestly don’t know.

The best bit of advice I ever received

Nearly everything can be fun if you make it fun. I feel lucky to be surrounded by people who don’t take themselves too seriously and who know how to find happy moments in the every day - a long lunch, a kazoo solo, a weird thematic playlist, or an unexpected dress code.

My hidden talent is 

...phonetically transcribing human sounds.

I am most looking forward to

I am about to travel through Japan for a few weeks, and I’ve recently done a bunch of projects in Travel and F&B specific to Japan. I can’t wait to try out all of the incredible places we came across in analysis!

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