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Will is the co-founder of Synthesis, based in Austin, leading the Synthesis Americas launch. He brings his experience in commercial finance and economics to bear in understanding biases, incentives and what drives people to behave the way they do.

The last song I listened to

A Hybrid Minds set from 2020. They took their planned Creamfields set to the studio and it is sublime. I grew up listening to a lot of jungle and UK garage but now I have liquid drum and bass—and the likes of Delta Heavy, Dimension and Metrik—on heavy rotation.

The last series I watched

Seinfeld. Growing up in the UK, this was a phenomenon that passed me by. But when I knew I was moving to the US to open the Synthesis office here, it felt like it was finally time. Seeing what a cultural touchstone it remains, the decision didn’t come a moment too soon. Let the “airing of grievances” commence.

A book I’d really recommend is

Atul Gawande — Being Mortal. This is an incredibly poignant book, and such an insightful one in relation to how we have prioritized extending life beyond any other measure of wellness or happiness. It’s a great reminder to pause and reflect on what are the things we wouldn’t want to compromise.

My favourite place to read is

My balcony at sunrise. I have always been a morning person, and having that moment of quiet solitude to spend with a great story or an article someone has shared with me—and a coffee so I am ready to give some energy for my kids when they wake up—sets up a much more thoughtful and measured day.

The podcast I’m listening to

Crimetown, which documents the mob capture of Providence, RI. Visiting some friends there recently I heard all about the city’s colorful past, which seemed at such odds with the quiet idyll I found there in 2023 that I had to find out more.

My favourite quote is
“Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. But ride”

Eddy Merckx

I love this quote from one of cycling’s great champions, which applies to so much beyond cycling. It’s so easy to obsess over whether you're doing enough, doing it right or doing it well, but your best bet is to just start doing it.

The place that means a lot to me

The South Bank in London. It’s where I went on my first date with my wife and where we subsequently spent many happy evenings and weekends at the galleries, theaters and markets, along with our two daughters. I even planned to propose to her there (in Gabriel’s Wharf), but had second thoughts and popped the question in private!

I have a collection of

Comics… but not the Marvel or DC variety. My daughters both love graphic novels and have been experimenting with their own stories for years. I have saved a few of my favorites from the recycling. There are some real gems. I hope you’ll get to experience the joy of reading about Super Buff Chad some time in the years to come.

In my fridge you’ll always find

Olives. Ever since I was a kid I’ve never been happier than when sitting and working my way through a bowl of olives. If I had to choose…? Some good oil-rich Nocellara olives. But I think the habit started with salty Kalamata olives back when I was still in a pushchair in Crete.

When I need to feel inspired

I run or ride my bike. As the body works and you feel that focus on the effort of going up a hill or keeping good form, there is a beautiful freedom for the rest of the mind to wander. All the better if I can get outside and feel the change of the day in the morning or evening at the same time.

I’ve recently discovered

Playing the guitar. I was inspired by my dad, who took it up in his retirement. I had told myself there wouldn’t be enough time to learn an instrument now, but 6 months and 15-30 minutes each day and I’m able to play some recognisable tunes. It’s a wonderful break to switch mental gears towards the end of a day.

I am most looking forward to

Building our team in the US and getting to know Austin better. A month in and I’ve still yet to visit Franklin’s barbecue. I don’t think I can truly qualify as an Austinite until I’ve put that right. That and swimming in Barton Springs in mid-summer.

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