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Nathalia is a Cultural Strategist, splitting her time between the Trends team and the Synthesis Sustainability Lab. With a background in Marine Conservation and Urban Studies, she enjoys thinking of ways to use Open Data to empower people and regenerate the planet. In her free time, you can find her trying to read a full book and swimming with sea creatures.

The podcast I’m listening to

Libre y Loca by Roberta Woodworth. Spanish is the language I express my most confident self, but English has always been the language in which I learn and consume most content. Finding a podcast on self-love and personal growth by a Latina has been one of the most empowering tools I’ve encountered this year. But what I love the most about this podcast is that this is one of the few I listen to that I can also share with my mom.

My favourite quote is 
“She believed she could, so she did” 

I first read it on the MSN Messenger profile picture of my fifth-grade crush's sister. The phrase had such an impact on me that I tattooed it on the day I turned 18.

The last thing I bought and loved

A dress that I believe embodies my energy and vibe. 

The best gift I’ve received recently

Pottery classes! This has been such a perfect gift not only because it unlocked a hobby that would have been too expensive otherwise, but because it feels like someone gifted me 3 hours, weekly, with myself. Plus the very wonky byproducts.

I have a collection of

Defective but very special film cameras - from a Polaroid Sun 600 that prints utterly orange film to an Olympus Stylus Epic with an irreversible leak. Film photography helped me become less of a perfectionist, teaching me to be present in the moment and to enjoy life without any expectations. 

I daydream of traveling to

...every single corner of Colombia. I grew up wanting to leave Colombia for a ‘better place’. Now that I live 19,312 km away, I know Colombia is that better place. I dream of swimming in its  rivers and dancing to the beat of its many rhythms.

The best bit of advice I ever received

Black is beautiful. I’m not sure this is advice, but damn did it change my life.

As a child my dream was to be

President of Colombia. I just had this irreparable urge to make things better. I think I’m more of a cynic now, but who knows, maybe one day. 

The place that means a lot to me

The ocean. Whenever I’m near the water I feel an unparalleled sense of serenity. I’m also my most creative and carefree near the ocean. I look forward to spending my life doing marine conservation, and swimming with no longer endangered species of sharks, mantas, corals, turtles… you name it. 

A memory I’d like to relive is 

My undergraduate graduation. My parents were unable to travel to Singapore to attend it, but the SyntheFam made sure that I was loved and well-accompanied on that very special day. 

A sport I’m secretly good at is

Water sports. I think I’m really good at sailing, surfing, and kitesurfing, even though I’ve only practiced these sports for a small amount of time. My dream? Making it to the Roxy Surf Team 🥹

My hidden talent is

I sing, but most people don’t know, because most of my appearances take place at the Madison Square Shower 😊​​

I only sing in public when I’m part of a bigger performance, like plays or courtyard gigs… and that one time to impress a guy. I’m not sure I will sing in the office any time soon, but happy to add my single to the queue. 

I am most looking forward to 

This coming summer, my dad will be visiting Singapore for the first time!  I’m enamoured with the idea that he will walk the streets I’ve walked for the past 5 years and understand how this place has shaped the person I am today. 

We’re also doing our first father-daughter trip around the APAC region. This has been one of my dad’s biggest dreams for a very long time, so I am very honoured to be sharing this moment with him.

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