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Xiao Shuang

Xiao Shuang is the Lead Data Scientist in the Synthesis Futures team. She specialises in open data, leveraging its power to spot early signals of change at scale to provide the earliest glimpse into the future world.

The last series I watched

I just recently finished watching Peaky Blinders S1-6. It generally takes me a while to respond to popular content, but I am glad to finally get caught up with it.

The podcast I’m listening to

姐妹悄悄話SistersTalkTalkShow. It's a lighthearted Chinese podcast covering topics relevant to women in modern society. Love the chaotic yet inspiring conversations between both female hosts.

When I need to feel inspired

I spend time alone thinking and exploring new places, such as cafes and neighbourhoods.

The best gift I’ve received recently

A bouquet of flowers from my friend for my first day back at work.

The best gift I gave recently

In celebration of my mother's birthday, my sisters and I shared an iPad. I spent a few sessions with my mother teaching her how to use the device.

In my fridge you’ll always find

Frozen dumplings because that is the easiest thing to cook when I am lazy.

I have a collection of

Sweaters and cardigans. Even though I know I'll look crazy wearing them in Singapore, I can't resist buying them.

I’ve recently discovered

That I might not be that scared of dogs after looking after one for a week.

My proudest achievement is

Travelling to Mongolia from Singapore by bus and train, passing through Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and China along the way.

My favourite movie is

Call Me by Your Name. I love everything about it, from the performance to the visuals and soundtracks.

I am most looking forward to

Moving to a new place and exploring the new neighbourhood.

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