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Mengwen is a Trends Strategist & China Strategist. In Synthesis, lots of her time is spent on the internet (小红书 Xiaohongshu is my best friend), keeping a finger on the pulse to stay ahead of buzzworthy trends to shape them into opportunities for our partners.

The last song I listened to

Come Thru by Summer Walker, I’m still in my Summer Walker era, living my best R&B life.

The last series I watched

甄嬛传 Empresses in the Palace - The best legendary Gongdouju, period. I’ve watched it at least 60 times. If you want a real perspective on palace life, learn life lessons and how to survive catfights, watch it.

My favourite quote is
“Do not fear failure but please be terrified of regret”

As someone who is often afraid of facing failures, this quote holds so much truth and power for me. Whenever I am faced with difficult decisions, I use this as an empowering compass to guide and validate my choices.

The last thing I bought and loved

A pair of dancing heels (10cm) – I started dancing more frequently this year, especially in the heels genre. This pair is professionally made with suede sole and leather. Super sleek and chic, living my best Beyonce backup dancer dream.

The thing I cannot go on holiday without

My holiday dresses - Normally, I wear monochrome colours, shirts and pants. But when I’m on holiday, I am in my full fairy princess 小仙女 mood, colour dress all the way. It looks great in photos too!

In my fridge you’ll always find

Chilli and spices. I'm from Chongqing, the hometown of Mala.

I’ve recently discovered

When I speak in different languages, my tone of voice changes drastically. I sound the most fierce & boss lady when I am speaking in my dialect 重庆话.

I daydream of travelling to

Xin Jiang. There is a saying: “If you have not been to Sayram Hu, you haven't lived”. I get emotional just scrolling through travel videos of XinJiang on Douyin, so I really look forward to planning a self-healing trip there.

The best bit of advice I ever received

“There is no harm in trying. You will never know the outcome unless you take the first step” – My Mom.

A memory I’d like to relive is

The time in 2019 when I travelled to Thailand with my grandma. My grandma is my idol, I love spending time with this feisty and inspiring lady. Seeing her so open to trying out new things and enjoying life to the fullest makes my heart full. Unfortunately, now long-distance travelling is too tiring for her so this is a very precious memory.

A sport I’m secretly good at is

Aerial hammock. I enjoy spinning in the air and creating beautiful shapes on the hammock.

My hidden talent is

I’m good at switching between my introverted and extroverted self, depending on the situation.

My favourite movie is

Chicago. My first introduction to Broadway musicals, who wouldn’t fall in love with all that jazz?

I want to be remembered for

My genuineness, professionalism and competence.

I am most looking forward to

Continue to see where my passion and drive will take me, both for my career and hobbies.

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