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Andrea is a Data Scientist at Synthesis. She spends most of my time finding ways to make data useful by providing signals of emerging trends, and understanding the ‘how’s and ‘why’s of consumer behaviour.

A sport I’m secretly good at is

Badminton. Most people know that I used to do Track & Field in school, and that’s true! But I actually started off as a Badminton player when I was 8 years old. I’m not an expert but I can still play pretty well now.

I have a collection of

Handwritten cards and notes from friends I’ve made over the years. I think there’s something really sweet about handwritten cards that you can’t replace with text messages or digital cards. So I keep every handwritten card and even little post-it notes of encouragement I’ve received since primary school in a box inside my wardrobe.

The last song I listened to

崇拜 by 薛之谦 (Joker Xue). I love Mandopop and appreciate the way imagery is conveyed through Chinese lyrics. My favourite lyricist is 小寒 who wrote the lyrics for songs like 踮起脚尖爱, 达尔文 and 同花顺.

The last series I watched

Doctor Lawyer. It’s your typical revenge plot K-drama about a cardiothoracic surgeon who becomes a lawyer specialising in medical law after he was sabotaged. I regularly binge-watch Korean and Chinese dramas and am always on the lookout for exciting storylines and multi-dimensional characters.

The thing I cannot go on holiday without

A pair of good shoes. I walk a lot when I’m travelling, and I love just exploring places with no aim or direction. It would be my worst nightmare if my footwear broke in the middle of a hike. So I always make sure I bring relatively new but broken-in shoes on holiday.

In my fridge you’ll always find

Tangerines. They make an amazing after-meal snack because they’re so easy to peel, small enough for one person to finish, and a great source of vitamin C! I have one after dinner almost every day, sometimes two.

The last thing I bought and loved

Bluetooth headphones! I never liked noise-cancelling headphones because I always felt like I needed to pop my ears within 5 minutes of wearing them. But ever since my last ear infection, I got very wary of using in-ear earphones, so I decided to get a set after doing a bunch of research. They turned out great and I used them all the time on my commute to and from work now.

A memory I’d like to relive is

Climbing and running around at the playground with my siblings. This is one of the few memories from my childhood that I can still vividly recall. I’m the youngest of 3 children and the baby of the family, and I can’t imagine being an only child because I never knew a life without my siblings.

I am most looking forward to

Mid-autumn festival! I’m particularly interested in tradition or cultural festivals, but MAF is a special occasion for my alma mater and I used to return every year before Covid. It’s the first time the event is opened to the public again so I’m excited to head back for a visit in October.

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