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Minsoo is a Strategist at Synthesis in the Trends team, with a focus on the Korea market. In her free time, she organises community events at the intersection of culture and art, and she hopes to inspire new ways of bringing data and insight to life.

The last song I listened to

“Cotard Syndrome” by Kim Oki, a Korean experimental jazz musician I really love. He traverses genres like jazz, spoken word poetry, and R&B so deftly.

The last series I watched

Selling Sunset... I have a huge soft spot for reality TV...

A book I’d really recommend

How Trees Think: Toward an Anthropology Beyond Human by Eduardo Kohn. It’s a fascinating ethnography on Ecuadorian indigenous communities that tries to pay delicate attention to ways of thinking and being beyond the human.

The last thing I bought and loved

The Minolta Riva 110 Zoom film camera. It’s really great at night time flash photography, and it’s been a joy to take silly photos with friends.

When I need to feel inspired

I step out into the city with my earphones playing a good dancey tune, bouncing around as I walk. Checking out exhibitions, pop-up craft markets, or visiting spaces crafted with community values that I admire (like wares infoshop or shrub). I like being alone in a crowd of people.

I have a collection of

Zines. I love how zines are such an intimate and fluid format, and I enjoy seeing how different people have stretched and reinterpreted the form. Some open out to be posters at the back, some are hand-sewn, some experiment with incorporating transparent paper. The topic and tone can also range from irreverent and fun to political or personal.

My hidden talent

Rollerblading. If I could, I would just rollerblade everywhere: gliding into brunch with friends, running all my errands on my rollerblades. I started rollerblading very young, around the age when people usually learn to cycle. So my cycling skills are very questionable but rollerblading I can do.

My ideal pet

A cat. Whenever I run into one on the streets I make sure to say hi.

I hope for a future that

Has curiosity and respect for all the spectrums and different ways of being, human and non-human.

I want to be remembered for

Trying my best, always in flux, open to changing and learning.

I am most looking forward to

Hopefully trying out free diving this year. I’ve been looking for a sport that pushes me to be meditative and in conversation with my body.

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