Are you passionate about making sense of data and simplifying it, so others can understand it?

Are you excited to work with people from a diverse range of backgrounds?

Are you interested in learning and experimenting with Open Source Intelligence?

join the team.

who we are

We are passionate about the power of Open Source Intelligence.

Data scientists, data engineers, cultural strategists and creators.

We come from different backgrounds and cultures. Everyone brings different perspectives to the table, and that’s how we uncover multi-dimensional contexts behind the data.

have a coffee with...

have a
coffee with...

we are

where we are

We have office spaces in Singapore and Austin. And a remote team spread across Latin America, who have biannual “on-sites”, either in LatAm or Austin.

The world is our campus. Everyone at Synthesis is also invited to “work from anywhere” for up to 4 weeks a year and come back inspired, with fresh ideas.

the creative data house

Our headquarters are in Singapore, called the Creative Data House. It’s a space of learning and experimentation with open data.

We collaborate to create innovative models and imagine how we can create experiences that help people immerse themselves in the insights.

what we value

A Spirit of Experimentation

We experiment with small pilots. We value resilient  people who are unafraid of trying something new, and continuously seek to make things better and more efficient. We innovate bit by bit, day by day.


We always invite in new ideas. We value bringing different perspectives to build ideas together. That’s how we create the best possible work.

A Growth Mindset

We never stop learning. We value humble, curious minds  who absorb all the things around them to learn and grow.