The future is dynamic, don’t settle for static plans.
Resilient strategies
Surface the capabilities that will be critical to win over the next horizon
Innovation Platforms
Identify evolution in lived experience and environment. build for future needs
War gaming
Run dynamic scenario planning and build adaptive investment plans
Underpinned by Open Source Intelligence tools and frameworks
Futurists at scale
Don’t just hear from a handful of experts. Analyse the latest ideas from thousands of leaders
Behavioural drivers
Proxy signals help you build futures based on real behaviour change, not just macro data
Scenarios simulator
Our probabilistic forecasting model means you can simulate the impact of your investments
Futures for

resilient strategies

A coming demographic wave and innovation in urban & residential design will transform patterns of living. What will ageing consumers’ food & drink experience look like in 2032?

With Givaudan, we identified 27 key drivers of change—both behavioural & macroeconomic—and ran 100,000 simulations of how they might interact to develop quantified scenarios.

We created a common understanding of the ageing consumer opportunity and guided the identification of four focus areas for capability development. Early prototypes will launch 2023