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Donavan is a Data Scientist in the Audiences team, specialising in using network theory, image, and text analysis to help brands segment and understand their customers and plot pathways for growth.

The last song I listened to

Akari by Soushi Sakiyama. It’s the closing song to the new season of one of my favourite anime/manga (Jujutsu Kaisen). It’s easier for me to focus on work when listening to songs of a language I don’t understand so I can zone out better…

The last series I watched

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (first 12 seasons)! It’s about a group of friends who own a bar together, and the little misadventures they get to daily. It’s just a light watch that makes me laugh on the way to work!

A book I’d really recommend is

Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom! I read it a long time ago, and still remember some of the lessons the book teaches, particularly one about how the days you miss most are the most boring and peaceful ones! I try not to rush life too much, and to try and appreciate being in the present. So because I enjoyed that, I decided to pick up “The Stranger in the Lifeboat” which I am reading at the moment.

My favourite quote is
First do it, then do it right, then do it better.

This is the motto of a company I previously interned at, but I felt could be applied to most aspects of life. Whether you’re feeling unmotivated, or you’re scared of trying something new, the trick is just to start!

When I need to feel inspired

I go cycling, swimming or running! It is a great time for me to get lost in my own thoughts, think about whatever I need to do next, or just to reflect on things

The best gift I’ve received recently

A card with words on it (thankfully not an empty card)! I really appreciate cards with nice messages as gifts. I have a folder with all the cards I’ve ever received since secondary school, and I look back at them once in a while!

In my fridge you’ll always find

Coke Zero! All the taste of Coke with zero of the calories. What else can you ask for?

My hidden talent is

Being really good at Tetris… it started with playing it as a way to kill time, and I quickly got hooked on it.

I am most looking forward to

My next adventure may be taking up a new sport. I’m hoping to continue challenging myself and compete in more triathlons. Perhaps I would also love to further my diving certification!

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