Underpinned by Open Source Intelligence tools and frameworks
Situate your brand in culture
Our networks are built on the universe of cultural properties that people interact with online
Actual behaviour, not claimed
Map connections based on real interactions of millions of people to find targetable patterns
Real, living communities
Statistically matched member profiles mean you can see when your brand hits its target
Audiences for

growth prioritization

When building a category, understanding the entry points for the next addressable audience is critical to ensure relevant and targeted demand generation efforts.

With Binance, we modelled the state of Web3 in Brazil: who is actively engaging, what are the entry points from adjacent categories, and what are the triggers for entry.

We identified the bullseye target for Binance, with recommendations on media targeting and brand partnership strategy, effectively fueling next wave growth.

Find your addressable audience, and situate your brand in their world.
Growth audience prioritization
Discover new audiences and prioritise who to activate to accelerate growth
Values driven targeting
Identify messaging hooks, channels and partners to align with audience values
Track brand traction
Keep close to your audiences, and measure your brand cut through