Finding trends is easy, knowing when and how to act is hard.
Culture-driven comms
Lead evolving category language to land the right message, right time
Powerful positioning
Align with the emerging sources of meaning in people’s lives
Anticipate disruption
Compete or acquire: be early to spot brands and products on the rise
Underpinned by Open Source Intelligence tools and frameworks
Any language, any platform
NLP tools built to detect linguistic shifts across all major market digital ecosystems
Contextualise change
Algorithms connect what is changing to ‘why’ by mapping context, voices and manifestations
Gauge investible potential
Emergent or established trends, framed in terms of cultural and commercial traction
Trends for

culture driven comms

As the world began to travel again in 2022, Hilton wanted to ensure that their Honors program—and their overall traveller experience—delivered on emerging drivers of loyalty.

With Hilton, we unpacked the consumer language of loyalty, based on over 250,000 touch points across hotel and app reviews as well as social conversations.

We informed a loyalty development program to drive targeted marketing, benefit messaging & partnership promotion tailored to a traveller’s stage in the loyalty journey.